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є-Креатив, or e-Creative in English, is a not for profit collaboration by creatives, for creatives translating to “there is creative work”. The war in Ukraine is having horrific consequences, including the end to local demand for creative work. Read on to see how your brand's next creative brief can help get money into the hands of those who need it.

Support Ukrainian Creatives

How does it work for brands?

It's easy. Brands and startups can register on the ElloWorks by Talenthouse platform and upload a creative brief. We will then recommend creatives whose skills closely match the requirements. Our creatives specialize in work including:

  • Graphic Design
  • Presentation Design
  • Print Design
  • Illustration & Infographics
  • Digital & Social Media Content
  • Photography
  • Film & Motion Graphics
  • and more!

How does it work for creatives?

It's super simple. To start receiving work, creatives need to register on the ElloWorks by Talenthouse platform. This short process includes noting all applicable areas of expertise, and adding examples of work or links to a portfolio. After the quick registration, the user will be instantly ready to start receiving creative work.

How do we make sure creatives get paid directly?

The fee for work is set automatically based on average market rates in Europe - thus eliminating the need for negotiation and ensuring everyone is paid fairly.

ElloWorks by Talenthouse will ensure all payouts to creatives will happen via SWIFT transfer within 7 days, breaking the commonly-known challenge in the industry of creatives often having to wait months for payment.

"We are strong, we exist and we need work."

"Creative briefs from є-Креатив will enable us to create our own future. Our recovery is not a sprint, it is more of a marathon."

"We are highly qualified creatives who have had everything ripped away from us. We won't surrender."

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