A simple onboarding process to delight creative talent

From efficient onboarding from experts who understand creatives

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4 simple steps to completion

1. Send an invite to your creative

Use ElloWorks to easily share a link to your project with your freelancers. They'll be directed to the project page and invited to sign up.

2. Creative signup

A simple, four minute signup process ensuring the creative has full access to tasks, deadlines, support and payment.

3. Assessment call

Our team of experts will reach out to the creative talent to ensure they're happy with the project and their profile on the site.

4. Celebration and work assignment!

That's it! The creative is now fully onboarded and ready to create compelling work for your projects. They can get started straight away.

Benefits for your freelance creatives

Access to a wealth of work opportunities from trusted brands and clients

Proven workflow that provides quick and easy comms and file exchange

Fair payment in line with market rates that arrives in their account on time

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Clients who trust Talenthouse solutions

What our users are saying

"ElloWorks is the only creative collaboration platform from which creators and clients benefit equally, whether agencies or brands. Efficiency, well thought-out processes, transparency and unconditional fairness allow everyone to concentrate on what is important: creating fascinating content."
Ex MD Scholz & Friend and ex CMO Skaylink
"ElloWorks supports our creative project management from A to Z. It gives us access to great talent and is making our process efficient."

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