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Job categories


No project too complex, every project perfected. Our creatives can produce social videos, short films, branding videos, video ads, feature films and more. From shooting, editing, graphic design and lighting, there’s nothing they can’t do.


A wealth of photographers who can take your project from an idea to a fully produced photoshoot. Product photography, landscape, travel, editorial, fashion, social media, stock, or gritty and real. They’re ready for your creative challenge.

UX / UI design

Need a landing page, a full user journey, or an app design? We’ve got you. Our experienced UX professionals will navigate your challenge as smoothly as your users will.

Motion graphics

From animation to video graphics, to social media or cinematic effects, ElloWorks creatives are ready to create powerful motion graphics for you. Whether for a phone screen or the silver screen, get in touch today.

Social media content

From copywriters conjuring captivating captions, to designers dreaming up reactive gifs or graphics, all your social media needs are covered with our wealth of varied creative talent.


Whether you need attention-grabbing logos, product selection and design or pricing, our experienced Creatives can deliver any part of or an entire campaign.

Packaging design

Accelerate your production by using seasoned, talented packaging designers from ElloWorks. You can come to us with the bare minimum, and we’ll get back to you with a full design spectrum.

Illustration and infographics

Have a bunch of impressive data or research you need to present in a compelling way? Or maybe you need some visual representations of written work? From news articles to comic books, we’ll make them come to life.

Brand identity

Clarify who you are and what you stand for with punchy taglines, visuals, logos and messaging. Attract more customers and clients who love you with a whole new brand experience created by ElloWorks.

Print design

Whether it’s as small as a business card or as big as a billboard - print matters. ElloWorks Creatives are ready to design your beautiful print work for any surface or purpose. 

Game design

Got an incredible game planned out but can’t quite get the designs to look how you’re dreaming of them? ElloWorks Creatives can supply design work from storyboards to fully completed game series. No task too big or small.

Sound design

The perfect audio accompaniment can elevate a project or a campaign to something impactful and memorable - the wrong choice or low production values will ensure it’s memorable for the wrong reasons. Know that you’re in safe hands with our Sound Designers.

Features overview

Skill-based matching

We create perfect matches between top creatives and brands.

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Assessment of creatives

We provide full professional assessment of the creative’s skill set and experience level.

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Direct connection to creatives

No middle man necessary. You’ll be in direct contact with your creatives.

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Milestones-based process

Our built-in approach is tried and tested to ensure impactful, creative output.

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Fixed prices per job

Prices are set based on market rates per job - no negotiation required.

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In-depth creative profiles

Upfront visibility of creatives strengths including work examples.

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Team document sharing

Losing version control is history. Share documents across creative teams in one place.

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Creative brief templates

Not sure where to start? Our creative brief template library is the perfect place to begin a job.

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Licensing agreements

We’ve got you covered. We take the headache out of licensing agreements.

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How it works

1. Create a brief

Tell us about the job you want done and the skills you are looking for

2. Get matched with creatives

ElloWorks matches you with the creatives that have the perfect skillset for your job

3. Brief your bespoke creative talent

Begin your work together using our efficient workflow and project management facilities

4. Approve the deliverables

Review and approve all the creative deliverables. When it's time to pay, you'll have access to our different payment methods.

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